IN THE SEEDS OF DESIGN | Thai Designer of the Year 2004-2019

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Many design items are kept in private rare art collections. This is probably because they are meticulously created and each piece is embedded with traces of culture, tradition, lifestyle, and spirit of fineness. The hidden value and beauty, as well as a variety of meanings of these items, are reflected in the economic, social, technological, industrial environments and more. By decoding the creative design principles of Thai designers, in terms of their experience, idea, theory and unique expertise, the quality creative works have been created by the designers of the year for over 20 years in 7 disciplines: interior design, graphic design, illustration, product design, furniture design, jewelry design, and textile design. All represent values in various aspects: environment, life+style, culture, crafts, texture & surface, being Thai, details, process, arts, symbols, and innovation. You will definitely appreciate the fascination of these designs into which each designer finely sprinkles the seeds of floras. These works are collected in the book and ready to send out the inspiration, ideas, and aesthetics…impressively.

  • ISBN 978-616-459-024-3
  • 2019
  • English / Thai
  • 190 × 245 mm
  • Hardcover
  • 424 pages
  • Sample
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