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Comparing the previous version of our “H-DIAGRAM, House volume 5”, the charismatic experiments have still been existing in the “DNA” of the A49HD (Architects 49 House Design), yet they are approached from different directions. In this issue, it is comparatively more simple, smart and sophisticated simultaneously. Coincidentally, these 5 houses (Twisted House Waterfall House Semi House Triangle House Sugar House) are related with the design of the “modern and artistic slab roofs”. Furthermore, each house itself is created with more graphical representations that could be obviously analyzed as a “New H-DEFINITION of our House design” in 4Ps: Paradigm Programmatic Phenomenal Pragmatic

  • ISBN 978-616-459-004-5
  • 2018
  • English
  • 279.4 × 279.4 mm
  • Hardcover with Jacket
  • 276 pages
  • Sample
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