The passion in book publishing and the desire to produce a well-designed book has dwelt in Nithi Sthapitanonda’s heart since he started a career in architectural design, owning a firm and becoming an executive. He has taken some time to dive into his dream: jointly with staffs writing and making their own print books of numerous subjects.

Nithi has recognized the development of  Thai architecture industry for a long time and has always been impressed with Thai architects’ competitiveness in the global level. But their talents have no chance to be made widely known, especially in print media which is basically served by architects all over the world as a communication tool to present their works to external publics. Thai architects have abandoned opportunities for doing what they should have done for hundreds of years. In comparison, neighboring countries in Southeast Asia like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines or a bit farther in the continent like Japan, Korea and China, have made much more progress. They produce many books showing works of their architects to fill bookstores worldwide. They have moved ahead of Thailand for many years.

Until 2006, after over 23 years of running his own architecture company and over 35 years of working in this field, he decided to establish a publishing house to print architectural and design books as he has dreamed of doing for a long time.  Founded under the name Li-Zenn Publishing, the company has intended to produce fine books that meet international standards for local and overseas readers, while promoting ethical practice in architectural profession as well as dissemination and exchange of knowledge and attitudes.

After graduation from Chulalongkorn University and receiving a master’s degree from University of Illinois, United States, he has got great success in his profession as being a leading expert who has been broadly recognized by Thai and foreign architects. He was appointed many honorable positions, such as President of the Association of Siamese Architects, Secretary General of the Architect Council, National Artist in contemporary Thai architecture a member in Boards of Trustees of the University Council, and Chairman of Judge Committee to select  award-winning contemporary artists. Additionally, he was designated an honorary member of the Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) and a fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

He also has talent in drawing. His magnificent works have unique characters. The drawing technique with fine, delicately rendered hatch lines has become an exemplar for the younger generation.  All of this enlarges the business and improves the work performance of the established publishing house.  Receiving overwhelming cooperation is phenomenal. Through more than 200 publications, the company has been pushing new architects and designers to grow and earn fame in Thailand and abroad for over 13 years. With his commitment, perseverance, compassion and positive contribution to the professional society, nowadays, Thai architectural books of different subjects are arranged on bookstore shelves together with other options from many countries. Amidst the achievement, he intends to keep on producing and presenting quality books to the market according to the desire he has had all along.