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Consists of 35 projects, looking specifically at buildings with façade designs that reflect their architectural identity while communicating or accommodating their functions. There is variety in their increasingly challenging designs, such as freeform shapes, as well as planes which may be complex or simple and refined. These are combined with materials such as glass, wood metal. Examples of such structures are Brecht Homebaked, or buildings built on hills or narrow plots which restrict construction, as can be seen at Varee Valley Restaurant Also included are a collection of national scale projects during the past 2-3 years such as the Center of Excellence for Forest Conservation that uses interlocking trusses to support a large glass roof which covers the exhibition space and head office totaling more than 13,500 square meters, and the Forest Pavilion project which boasts an iconic form whose modernity stands out amidst a large forest.

  • ISBN 978-616-459-0789
  • 2024
  • English
  • 240 × 250 mm
  • 304 pages
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