Vernacular Charm

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Today, the meaning of “Vernacular Charm” for Architects 49 (Chiangmai) spans beyond shape and form. It encompasses texture, material, space, and the ambience of our architecture. We embrace “Local Wisdom” as our philosophy to achieve “Vernacular Charm” in every aspect of our architectural design. Fine examples can be found in our residential designs, such as the 3Gen House, Pillar Hose and Flora House. In 3Gen House, the roofing material, wood slat facade and the courtyard layout all contribute to its “Charm”. The new lobby and up-coming villas for the Inter-Continental Hotel Chiang Mai (formerly the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel) are inspired by Lanna architecture. On a public scale, the two new buildings for Chiang Mai University – CMU Food Center and CMU Innovative Learning Center – incorporates use of materials as well as courtyard planning to retain all existing trees.

  • ISBN 978-616-459-064-9
  • 2023
  • English / Thai
  • 280 × 280 mm
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
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