Nine in One Landscape

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The initial impetus stemmed from my desire to refurbish the house and garden. Once I got to thinking about the renovation, I began to have the idea that a house can have more than one or two landscape designs; it could have a dozen. So, I used this opportunity to create nine different designs as an example for those interested in taking these concepts to apply to their own gardens. In the construction of these works, many different types of materials and equipment were used; in selecting them I prioritized their ease of use and their ability to be recycled into subsequent designs, so that nothing would go to waste. Every single piece of material and every single tree can be reused again and again. Every step of the process was handled with meticulous care. In addition to the beauty of the whole landscape, one must also pay attention to the fine details in order to create something that feels natural and imbued with a soul.

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