Landscape of the Mind

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The nine elements represented in each chapter and the accompanying projects are the principles of P Landscape design philosophy and the works highlight the application of these philosophies into physical designs and experiences. “Wall” that use to establish a form of control and permanence. “Horizon and line” speaks about the contrast of the infinite as opposed to drawing boundaries. “Geometry” represents how mathematics as a tool can transform the intangible imagination into the tangible, and “Craftsmanship” is the celebration of local artistry and cultural ornament. “Light and Shadow” and how this natural phenomenon is captured in their work. “Life and Ritual” of the projects reflect the wonderful uniqueness of geography, culture and the environment. “Intimacy” recognises the need for solitude and serenity, the “Ephemeral” signifies surrender to nature and the concept of impermanence. And conclude at the “garden of the mind”, an ode to the inner landscape.

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