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New vibes are needed for life in rural and suburban areas. It is a time to think about them as an ecosystem virtually connected with cities. The rural area is not a remote place in isolation anymore. The distinctive division amongst city, countryside, suburban, and nature becomes unclear as all have transformed into the cultural landscape. The rural lifestyle inspires urban people, while urban culture influences the countryside’s ways of living.

In the flat plain landscape, the water meanders slowly and takes a tortuous path, unlike the narrow, straight streams running in mountainous terrain. The project’s goal on this terrain focuses more on recuperating positive site characters, sometimes neglected or abandoned, to create the best condition in which layers of aesthetic meanings can prosper. Through each visual sequence, one can gradually perceive an interplay between two approaches of landscape design: the arrangement of structure or mass as focal points surrounded by space and the method of carving space out of a contextual fabric. Thus, an idea can transform into a concatenation of events in a created landscape, becoming a simple but memorable experience.

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