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While each natural habitat has its distinct flora and fauna, each society and culture have collected knowledge and wisdom about settling in balanced ways to live with the surrounding nature. Reading the traces of water, light, animals, and plants on the mountain slope can unveil the limitation of each site. It can lead us to identify the critical borderlines and defy the sensitive areas in which wrong intervention can trigger to the site conditions. All physical information from the site will be classified, carefully explored, analyzed, and synthesized to reveal its .

Water runoff on steeper terrain drags more eroded surface and the organic matter deposited along runoff corridors such as swale, galley, stream, and valley. All of them are the difficult places to build, but some are the places we should not build anything. These areas must be protected for their richness in flora and fauna from the deposit of topsoil washed down from upper terrain, water in the ground, and moisture level in the environment. , . Both enliven the site and people. When achieved, finding a solution to blend with the ecosystem is arduous but exhilarating.

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