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[Embracing the Landscape] SENSE OF DISCOVERY

Projecting the vernacular spirit of PHUKET and quality of SEASIDE LANDSCAPE are the primary design intent. The approach started with a simulation of the native Phuket landscape, intended to accentuate the subtle play between jungle-like ambiance and tranquil places for the retreating moments.
Located at Mai Khao beach, the abandoned four-hectare old coconut orchard morphed into a premium resort and spa. Shaped by two mild dunes and a low area in the middle of the site, the existing landform became a departure point of the design process. The original site is transformed into the natural seaside landscape ecology. Sustainability in the landscape design approach is central to the planning process using the mixed indigenous atmosphere of Phuket to accentuate the island’s native landscape.
Wandering through it, the hotel guest will experience the ‘sense of discovery’ that gradually unfolds. Then, a place for exploring the indigenous quality of the local landscape comes to the fore.
The sense of discovery serves as a medium across the board for designing visual sequence. Melaleuca spp. is selected to accent the site name of the white tree beach. The design concept gradually unveils itself in an exploring path through the selective use of mixed indigenous atmosphere of Phuket.

With the site’s natural and tranquil surroundings, the landscape design intends to invite people to have a closer look onto the ambience of natural seaside landscape ecology, shifting away from the commonly used exotic tropical approach. The spa is located behind the raised tropical jungle landform. It becomes the background of the natural pond with a running waterfall, as a focal viewpoint for the approaching viewer.

Phuket, Thailand
3.88 ha (38,800 sq.m.)
IFLA AWARDS 2017, Honor Award for Cultural & Urban Landscape Category
TALA AWARDS 2015, Honor Award for Hospitality Project Category
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