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[Embracing the Landscape] CITY SCAPES URBAN

How far can we let our city grow denser? What comes with it is the effects of the ever-changing relationship between man and the urban landscape. The higher the living density climbs up, the more meaningful the personal intimacy becomes. That is why the approach of embracing the urban landscapes matters to the Landscape Architects 49’s practices. It is about keeping a balance of life and making everyday life – amidst the noisy chaos – not just livable but enjoyable.

Our city can be construed as a landscape. The aesthetics of the city can become a meaningful act when it systemically turns urban fragments into the landscape where people can find a good tune with a harmonious way of living. In this context, a design process gravitates around the interplay between reconnecting and distancing diverse groups of people – or the management of density and the formation of personal intimacy. The basic requirements shape the landscape of juxtaposition while the duality between chaos and serenity becomes the defining elements for space design. The spatial sequence, order, and arrangement become design strategies to create quality work time and playtime while people cherish the urban landscape’s life. Thus, the more flexible it becomes, the more benefits the surrounding communities can earn in the long run.

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